allow yourself to relax in a meditative state of mind…invite your spirit guides and guardian angels to surround you, invite all passed soles to then join you giving them permission that you welcome them back to the psysical plane now with you, join your very being and engulf the peace that will arrive shortly and provide comfort.this form of spirit communication will assist you and help you go within to your most peaceful self, as you channel with spirit,you will become aware of how sensitive you become to there ability,and there suttle essence of knowing all that you may be experiencing, these sole vibrations of abilities have more gifted abilities than we do as they have traveled through many demensions, if we can allow our mind to elevate to its highest plateau by pushing down the negativity and rise above our ego we then will feel our natural state of peace as we then connect at a higher level to spirit,and spiritual vibrational planes,there is no evil here only peace within at a higher may meet your spirit guide and be aware of them beside you, ask any questions you may have, be open to any lessons they may teach you. this is your spiritual time, allow yourself to roam and explore what may come in in this blisfull state. set your intension before your guides and a soulition will come in your dream,  always practice peace,love and light.  Pam