About Pam


I have a very strong belief in God. I am blessed with a gift of spirit communication. Spirits are immortal and live several lives (reincarnations) to protect their moral and their intelligence until they are able to be in the presence of God.

The revelation of God is continuous because mankind is slowly evolving to a higher level making it necessary to project the doctrine.

The first revelation was through Moses, the second through Christ and the third one was from God himself through his messengers.

I am of the highest Christian morality that descends directly and only from the key teachings of Jesus through my intense 22 years of a spiritual meditation path, and is logically consistent both internally and with what only Christ taught.

I am a natural born psychic and have had this gift for my entire life. I am able to channel with my spirit guides and guardian angels. I always do a one-hour meditation prior to meeting up with my clients in order to reach the state of consciousness to connect with the spirits. Prior to your one-hour reading I will provide you with a free chakra cleansing and meditation exercise to enable you to connect with your own spirit guides and guardian angels and passed family members and friends in the spirit world. This will also help you to become grounded and be a vessel to your highest good.

I am located in Albany, NY and am happy to meet up with you in the capital region. Please, give me a call or text me at 518-339-8917 or email me at pam@psychicalbany.com. Fill out the contact form and we’ll set up an appointment. I am looking forward to hearing from you!