“I met with Pam today for a reading and I was totally blown away at how accurate she was. She immediately tuned into my spirit guides and was so spot on with all of the people who were around me. I felt that all of the information she gave me was accurate and the special messages she gave me from loved ones was chilling.

Pam had a warm and genuinely caring approach to sensitive information and I felt very at ease with all that she was explaining to me. I would recommend Pam to anyone.”

– Lisa L

“I recently met Pam and came to a reading and can only say I am very happy I did. Pam came fully prepared with notes she had taken while meditating the night before and told me about things that I still wonder how she could have known. After our initial consultation she continues to be very supportive and always responds to my concerns through email. I cannot say enough good things about Pam, her guidance and advice have been invaluable.”

– Humberto C

“I recently contacted Pam about having a reading. She was very prompt in responding. We met a few days later and Pam is a very gifted psychic medium. She was very accurate in names, places and events and was able to add to my knowledge of my family on the other side. She channeled my great grandmother to me and she was able to deliver messages about things Pam had no idea of and couldn’t have guessed.

I gave Pam very little if any information other than holding my wedding ring. I have a very strong spiritualist history in my family and I consider Pam to be an excellent reader. I will have her channel for me again.”

– Jim W

Thank you so much for my reading today. It was WONDERFUL!! I was in awe at how much you saw and how much I connected with what you said. To hear about my guardian spirit brought me to tears because it was someone I didn’t expect to be watching over me.

I would highly recommend you to anyone. Your knowledge and insight is amazing! I felt truly connected and I can’t wait to see how my future unfolds.

Thank you so much!

– Tonya

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132 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Lisa Ferlazzo

    Pam is very accurate with everything she told me things that happened my past and major things happening now and future relationships. I would say Pam is 90% accurate. I would definafley recommend Pam to anyone.

  2. Amy Fitzgerald

    Pam met with me on VERY short notice because I was frantic and needed her counsel… she had been HIGHLY recommended and now I know why…
    Pam is a friendly, comforting person. She immediately put me at ease.
    Her reading was enlightening and enjoyable. I felt so much better after we met. I will recommend her to my friends and family.
    I suggest that you do the same 🙂
    Peace and. Blessings … Amy Fitzgerald

  3. Sarah F.

    Wow! I met with Pam a week ago. Since then, I have been so thankful for her help.
    She was able to help me so much and I am incredibly thankful!!
    Not only did she send messages from loved ones that are very much missed, she also was able to give me very sincere, warm, and helpful assistance in my own meditation at home.
    I had never spoken to a psychic before and I’ve spent the last week trying to find a reason to not believe the experience is real.
    Today, the last piece of information/message to me fell into place out of the blue. I cried as I realized I really had a truly positive and productive experience.
    In a nutshell, Pam was a joy to be with and an incredible helper to spirit.
    I would recommend her as a psychic medium to anyone. One week later and I’m still raving about her to everyone!

    1. Mary

      Pam is a wonderful very accurate reader amazing..I would highly recommend pam wonderful person as well she went out of her way for me I was beside myself a few times she was right there for me ever reading she gave was powerful and accurate..thank you so much God Bless ❤ you!!

  4. Katherine

    I had a reading with my partner & I. She was dead on about so much & hope to see her again soon to channel.

  5. Brenda

    I met with Pam today for a reading!!! i was very pleased with everything she told me!! Very accurate, i cant waite to tell all my friends so thay can get a reading from Pam….

    Thanks SO Much Pam!!

  6. Jenny L

    I meet with Pam last week and my reading was incredible. My friend recommened Pam after she went for a reading and was very moved by all Pam had to say. Once we sat down to meet she asked me to close my eyes and meditate and shortly after she went right into my family and loved ones. Her advice and clarity into my concerns were just what I was hoping to hear. She also gave advice on how to pray for my hearts desires. I am thankful I met with Pam and I would definately recommend anyone see her.

  7. Sam

    I had the opportunity to meet with Pam and I was absolutely floored by how in tune she was with me. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She really hit the nail on the head with so many aspects of my life; family, my job, and relationships. I would recommend Pam to anyone that is looking for some guidance and insight.~Sam

  8. Robyn

    I met with Pam today and not only was she really sweet, but she was dead on with the readings. She answered questions for me that has been bugging me for years. The things she knew was kind of shocking. As she went on, I was shocked just how much she knew about my life. I will never forget how much she has helped me. Thank you so much Pam. It was nice meeting you.

  9. Robyn

    I met with Pam today and not only was she really sweet, but she was dead on with the readings. She answered questions for me that had been bugging me for years. The things she knew were kind of shocking. As she went on, I was shocked just how much she knew about my life. I will never forget how much she has helped me. Thank you so much Pam. It was nice meeting you.

  10. Lizzy

    I don’t know how to put into words how great meeting with Pam is. She was in touch with what was most important to me so quickly without my clueing her in first. I now have such a sense of peace especially over things that have really been plaguing me. I’m sure she has continued to do healing work on my behalf. She is genuinely concerned about my well being. I walk much lighter after meeting her. Thank you Pam!!!!!

  11. Cheryl & Mike DeRosa

    My husband and I called Pam to have a reading. She immediately responded and sensed our need for a reading for some answers asap. Within 2 hours we already had our reading. We really appreciate her promptness and sweet caring gentle personality. This all shined thru in her readings as well. Pam immediately started with names that were exact and amazed me with her talents. After her brief mediation, she was able to tell of a vary emotional experience my daughter had gone thru. It was a very painful time and she explained it with such care and was so on the mark, it brought tears to my eyes and I became emotional. I would recommend Pam 100% . Thank you Pam for bringing light into our hearts and helping us see what we couldnt and needed see. Appreciate your help. God Bless!!!

    Mike and Cheryl

  12. Kiersten

    I had a reading by Pam this week and I can’t say enough of how much it helped me as I headed into an appointment I had been so anxious about. She was able to give me a message from someone that I can’t stop thinking about. This person was someone from my family that had experienced something that I am currently going through. I was floored when she told me “Nan is here and all is well. You are going to be fine”. Thank you, Pam,

  13. AL Duke

    The best reading ever..I was so amazed at her visions..also so impressed by her ability to contact spirit.Everything she told me was correct and she was right about my new career coming up…I can’t wait till my next reading:)

  14. Lilly

    Just had a very moving reading from Pam and wanted to share with everyone how great she is. She was amazingly accurate and very sensitive to my feelings. I will be back to see her again and would highly recommend her.

  15. Crystal

    Pam met with me today for my first reading. I felt an immediate connection to her. She held my ring; focused our intent and began our session right away. Knowing nothing about me except my full name and birth date Pam was exceptionally accurate on all counts. It was quite a moving reading and I recommended her with an open heart.
    Blessed Be

  16. Lynn coughlin

    My time with Pam was amazing.. She provided information from the minute we began.
    She told me things only someone with Her gift would know .. I was totally in awe with the things she told me. Thank you Pam it was a privilege..

  17. Cathy

    You will instantly feel at ease the second you meet Pam, and as your reading begins you will find out why. She is sincere while delivering her insights and was spot on with some things I never thought she would’ve known. Pam helped provide some long awaited closure and put my heart at ease regarding a lost loved one. I plan to do a reading with Pam again and would certainly recommend her to anyone interested in the types of services she provides!

    Thank you again, Pam!

  18. Anna Gardner

    I had a reading with pam. some of the things she told me were very helpful in my healing from a personal Experience. I would recommend her to anyone who needs some insight in to past and future life.
    Thank you Pam
    PS : cant wait for my next reading.

  19. Laura Berno

    I meet with Pam last week. She was very pleasent and a joy to have a reading with. She is very accurate in all that she told me. After having other readings, she confirmed what I had been told by others. I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling unsure or just needs insight to the future. I felt like a weight had been lifted of my shoulders, and had more confidence in the way my life was headed.
    Thanks again Pam.

  20. Denise

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Pam, I was happy to meet with her so promptly. Pam was right on with names and situations that I am dealing with. She was able to connect with my family on the other side and gave me great insight on their guidance for me and my family. I was so impressed that I booked a party to introduce her to my friends and family.

  21. Suzie L

    Pam was spot on with my reading. It’s amazing how she can zero in on your spirit communicator and accurately provide names and relationships that are impactful to your life. Her warm and caring nature makes you feel at ease and open for the energy to flow. I didn’t want my hour to end!

  22. Diane Fratalone

    This was my first reading with Pam. I was at a crossroads in my life and couldn’t hear my own voice or spirit guide.
    I needed what was the divine path. My reading was very enlightening and healing in opening my eyes to what I could not see. Pam is pleasant, caring and positive. Thank you Pam

  23. anonymous

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Pam recently…my first time ever having a psychic reading done. It was a great experience Pam is very nice and friendly , the readings were accurate, I did give her a metal object and she recited the chalkra as mentioned on her site…it was a great one hour experience I would Recommend anyone to see her… she was very calm and makes you feels that way as well and just keeps everything flowing. I would definitely go see her again when I’m in the area!

  24. Telly

    Pam is a very caring and living person her readings were great and she set rounds the very energy around you with peace and love as I noticed it when I first sat with her,my point is she is her to help humanity as much as possible I’m glad I met her I was beginning to think all the good people was gone but I definitely recommend her to anyone

  25. E. W.

    Pam was super! She answered all of my questions even the ones I did not think to ask. I was extremely impressed with her ability to read my current situation and provide meaningful insight. Family and friends or anyone who could use the insight of a competent psychic should check Pam out.

    1. AMY Fitzgerald

      I met with Pam last week.
      As always she was spot on!
      She told me I would be getting a new job in a red brick building…. Guess what! 1wk later I did!
      She us always accurate and I always feel so much better after a reading!
      Pam is a true sweetie and a gifted medium!

  26. Reet

    I met with Pam yesterday and OMG she’s truly gifted and what a humble lady!!! I couldn’t believed how she had all the answers for my question. How she told me personal things in my family that only a gifted person will know. I went with a heavy heart and came out as a totally positive and happy person. I never usually go online and recommend people, but Pam was 100 percent accurate. I am still very impressed of her reading. Thank you Pam !!!


  27. Doreen

    I met with Pam for the first time tonight and I was very pleased with the whole experience. She is extremely nice and friendly, and very accurate! She knew so many things about my life; it was very impressive. I would recommend her to anyone. I will definitely be seeing her again.


  28. Claire

    I had the pleasure of meeting Pam today. I am in awe. She shared her gift and it is not only accurate but powerful. I could not have asked for a clearer picture. Knowing that those whoe have who have passed are watching over me was a great comfort. I know that my decisions have been for the best and my strength will carry me through. I can’t thank Pam enough.

  29. Liz

    I was once again amazed by Pam. I have had readings from a few people but Pam is different. Shes’ able to connect with my loved ones and give me messages from them more clearly and accurately. She is so spiritually connected. Pam was able to put my mind at ease about my future and my children’s future. She became passionate over the things that hold me back and gave me very very good advice on how to handle it. Advice that she channeled. She just has a wonderful way of delivering the advice. She is truly gifted. I have praised her to all my friends.

  30. KM Foy

    Today I met with Pam for a reading and for the first time i actually felt like the reading was about me and not others as with past experiences. I finally feel good and look forward to what is ahead. I would recommend Pam to anyone!

  31. Lisa F

    I have been using Pam for readings for 4 years now. We have probably met a dozen times. From the first time we met she incouraged me to take notes during our readings. She has always been so accurate. I love to go back and review prior readings and marvel at how so much of what was said or explained by Pam came to fruition in my life. I would strongly recommended multiple readings with Pam as a way to keep in touch with spirit and for spiritual guidance. Not only is Pam very accurate, she always goes into great detail when she is giving you insight.

    Any time I have contacted her she has made herself available, most times the same day. If your are searching for clarity, answers to your hearts questions or longing to make a connection with a loved one please call Pam today. She will give you the answers you are searching for. Many times during our readings I have something on my mind but I don’t mention it and she will always pick up on it and bring it to light. She’s a very caring person and professional and affordable.
    Give her a call and you’ll be amazed!!

  32. Alexandra

    I was truly pleased with what I heard during my meeting with Pam. It was the best reading I ever had. Pam provided me with all the answers with amazing accuracy, helping me to re-evaluate the nature of past events as well as foresee the future changes. The next day I noticed how positive changes started coming into my life which indicated to me that Pam is not only a good psychic medium, but a unique healer as well. I highly recommend her as exceptionally gifted psychic and dedicated practitioner.

  33. Judy

    I met Pam this week and she was so responsive to my appointment. She came to my place and gave me a really completed and comforting reading. She did not like other psychic would avoid your questions or ask you to spend more money on further services. She answered every question that I had and even brought up a lot of issues that I am concerned about but didn’t ask yet. I highly recommend Pam! I will definitely ask her help again when I need a reading.

  34. Arisha

    I first met Pam about a year ago. We didn’t have a session, it was just in passing. She gave me her business card and unfortunatly, I misplaced it. Several weeks ago I was searching the internet and I found her. I was going through a very dark period in my life and I felt so desperate that she met me that same night. Not only did she remember our fist encounter, she could see exactly what I was going through and that is why she gave me her card. You can read all the other testimonials to hear how accurate she is and the messages you get from loved ones and friends. That happened to me as well. I want to let you know about the progress I’ve made and the growth spiritually and mentally. It feels like I was locked in a dungeon of grief, pain and sorrow and Pam held my hand and walked me out into the light. I have so much to learn and a lot more healing to do and I am so excited. I have such a thirst to live now. I gained a mentor and a true friend in Pam. God put her in the right place, at the right time and I reached out exactly when I needed her the most and I was ready. Don’t let fear or ignorance stop you from hearing what it is you need to hear or what way you need to go. I just needed to hear one word from my Mom and I got so much more. l feel like I am just beginning to live and it feels awesome. Pam has and is a gift and I am so blessed to have her in my life.

  35. Denise

    I met with Pam a few weeks ago and I have to tell you she hit the mark with so many things that I have been dealing with. She also told me things that were going to happen in the months to come and each day they are unfolding! She is amazing! Pam, I can’t wait to talk with you to let you know how everything you told me is starting to come into play! I recommend her Highly! for both an individual or group reading!!!!!

  36. Judy L

    I strongly recommend everyone having a reading with Pam. She is a such heart-warming and kind lady. She reached out to be several times to check if everything alright after my readings. I am comfortable to share everything with her and she gave me accurate and useful advice all the time. I really like to have readings with Pam and feel relief every time when I talked to her. She is an amazing lady, psychic!

  37. arielle

    My mother myself and my aunts had a reading with pam today she was truley amazing she knew names and things that somebody could not just guess my uncle passed on last year because of an overdose and the message she gave us from him had me in tears i was very pleased with my reading today i would love to have another reading and would recommend pam to anyone who asks.

  38. Niasia Coleman

    I meet with pam on short notice.She was very responsive set a time to visit with me right away!( very same day!) Pam was very on point knew things, names,& situations. A stranger wouldn’t have known .Just want to take the time to say thank you and i shall say. If you are in grief or in mornning as i was an need to be at a better piece of mind and understanding give pam a try u will notbe disappointed.I surely wasn’t. thank you Pam. !?

  39. Sherry

    My friend and I saw Pam on Tuesday 8-09-16 and we were surprised that she was able to come up with names of people in our lives, places pertaining to them, and so accurate in their descriptions. I asked her if I would have a chance run in with a particular person that is special to me in my life, it is a very difficult situation but she gave me hope and said it would happen – to my amazement just three days later my wish came true. She was very polite and sincere and we would highly recommend her. We are looking forward to seeing her again.

  40. Deanna picou

    It was such a pleasure to meet with Pam. She was amazingly accurate. I felt like I got great direction.


  41. Patty

    Pam is outstanding I highly recommend her I’ve had a few readings with this wonderful lady everything she told me was on point she’s kind she’s there for you when you need her awesome psychic awesome person beautiful lady God bless

  42. RT

    I had a telephone reading with Pam and once she called, she got right down to business and immediately started receiving messages for me. I was shocked and blown away by the things she knew and picked up on. I have seen other clairvoyants before but never someone as accurate and impressive as Pam. She lets you ask questions and clarifies if you need it. I ended the call feeling so enlightened. Pam is wonderful and I will definitely be calling her again. Highly, highly recommended

  43. Kayla S

    Pam has forever changed my life. I recently lost my fiancé and the father of my children, she was able to contact him and give me some closure and insight. This will help myself and my children to begin the healing process. She was spot on with certain things only him and I would’ve known. I highly recommend her, she is so compassionate it was so comforting.

  44. TBS

    Like the above people say “She’s right on the money”. She went into great depth about my situation and help me get the closure I needed.

    I highly recommend her.

  45. Kim. - Selkirk

    Pam is simply amazing in all aspects. Pam is so accurate in her readings she brought me so much information about me and my fiance whom I lost. Information that only me and him would know. I have found peace in knowing for me he is still here even know I cant see him I feel him around and pam validated that for me. I have reffered pam to so many people and will continue to do so. She is so sweet and makes you feel comfortable. I just love her and will continue to have readings for many years to come!!!

  46. Briana

    I met with Pam yesterday for the first time, and I can say I have never felt better about my grandfathers passing. Pam not only gave me the gift of knowing my loved one is okay, but she gave that gift to my whole family and we couldn’t thank her enough. Pam made so many statements that were extremely accurate. She is amazing and she can count on me to come back.

  47. Jenna

    Over the summer, I ran into Pam at the mall and had a wonderful discussion about her work. A few weeks ago I rediscovered her card and I made an appointment immediately. Pam responded to my request almost immediately and we set up an appointment for the very next day! Pam has such a kind personality and comforting energy. I have had readings done before, but nothing like with Pam. We started out with a mediation then she held onto some pictures and metal objects. Pam used several techniques and tools during our hour long reading. I was beyond impressed and very thankful my spirit guides worked well with her. I’d like to keep the details private, but if anyone who is reading this is skeptical,I will say that almost everything she said was spot on. The information was so specific and clear to understand that not even a lucky guess could pin point it. I highly recommend her to anyone and I would love to work with her again in the future! Thank you so much for seeing me Pam.

  48. Samati

    I met with Pam 3 days ago. I have to say that her reading was completely accurate. Not only that, Pam is a thoughtful genuine person. You can tell immediately that she actually cares about the things that she is telling you. I absolutely adore her and I am a lifelong customer from this day forward. I trust her insight 100%. She has helped me from 1 visit in ways I can not explain. I am forever greatful to her and have recommended her to everyone I know. Pam I love you and you are 1 special lady. Thank you so much! See you soon!!

  49. Katy M

    I recently met with Pam yesterday and I must say I was extremely impressed she connected with my father whom passed away this may and it gave me comfort n security she was onpoint with everything she was sayen I will definitely be going to get another reading again

  50. Mary

    My sister & I met with Pam today and her insight was amazing! Pam put us right at ease and explain what may or may not happen. Pam was so accurate that I would recommend her to anyone and also we will have her again. Thank you Pam!!!!

  51. Mary L

    Pam is so accurate and her insight amazing. I would recommend her to anyone and sure I will seek her out again.
    Thank you Pam.

  52. Jessica

    My reading with Pam was an amazing experience! She knew things very specific to me that she had no way of knowing. Her work with the dowsing rods was also fascinating, she let me use them myself and it was so neat to watch them work and know that they were really picking up something!

  53. Trisha L.

    I just recently went to see Pam for a reading. I was amazed at how accurate she was about myself, family & friends. I will definitely be going to another reading with her. I will definitely refer her to anyone that I love and care about. Especially if they needed guidance or answers to things that may not be clear within ourselves. Thank you & God bless you.
    Trisha L.

  54. Megan Basini

    I met with Pam on March 21st it was my first time meeting with a Medium and she blew me away. She told me things my family doesn’t even know. I can’t wait to meet with her again in the future! I highly recommend meeting with her! Thank you Pam so much!

  55. Vicki

    I met with Pam in April 2017. We had a great discussion about my new business and helped me settle some of my fears. She also told me where to look for new contracts and where/how to find my soul mate. I will definitely be seeing Pam again in the future.

  56. Lilly

    Pam was very warm and welcoming. I’m usually pretty skeptical when I walk into these things, not knowing if the person claims to have the abilities they speak of. She read me like a book. She gave me information to help me feel at ease about my situation. I am a very sensitive/intuitive person, and to meet with someone who too has these qualities brought a lot of reassurance about who I am. Meeting with Pam has lifted my confidence in recent decisions I have made and has helped shine a light on my future.

  57. Maggie

    I met with Pam April 2017. I was amazed on how accurate she was. Pam brought guidance and clarity to me on many things. The session ended with me feeling peaceful and fulfilled. She also recommended some intentions I should do to manifest change. I am looking forward to another session in the future. I highly recommend her. Thank you Pam for an amazing read!

  58. Erin

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Pam is a fabulous and caring lady. We met April 18th and as everyone has said she was very accurate. She was spot on with her intuitions on my children and the people she immediately connected with. Meeting with her brought me some peace and I hope to return soon.

  59. Michael

    She was very accurate giving names and situations without me having to give any information with precision. It was definitely worth the time spent. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for answers.

  60. Michael

    She was very accurate giving names and situations without me having to give any information with precision. It was definitely worth the time spent. I would strongly recommend her to anyone. She was very knowledgeable and gave some great life directions. I would definitely do another session.

  61. Maureen

    Pam is absolutely incredible! A very gifted psychic and a genuinely warm and caring woman. I was so very nervous, hadn’t had a reading in over 30 years. But she made me feel so relaxed right from the start. My mom passed away 15 years ago and I’ve been wanting to know but yet scared to find out how she was. I am so glad I called Pam, she channeled my mom and I was in tears, it was really my mother talking to her and everything she told her were things that have been weighing on my kind lately. It was truly amazing. Since meeting with her last Friday I’ve had a peace within me that I haven’t had for years and am much happier. I would recommend Pam 100% for anyone. Thank you Pam, will be calling upon you again in the fall. ?

  62. Donna C

    Pam is amazing, all I did was call to inquire about rates,and with out even knowing me or asking me any questions , she knew why I was calling and told me my mothers name, knew my son was a Aires and had a message from mom for me..I was speechless and cried she was really talking to my mom. Then she came over for a reading every work was spot on, Pam even told me about a private talk I had with my mom asking for advice, I highly recommend her, Pam has a true gift..I left our session with a feeling of peace. Thank you pam

  63. Jaime S

    Pam is amazing! I met with her on short notice after researching a couple different psychics in the area and I’m glad I chose her! Right off the bat she was right about where I was in life and what I was going through, and continued to amaze me with what she knew throughout our session! I can’t wait for another session with Pam!

  64. Julie

    Pam is the real deal, this was my first reading ever and I went in with no expectations. She knew details (not just things or situations) about my life no one would ever know, only a handful of people know. In addition she gave me clarity and guidance on my life, I HIGHLY recommend her and can’t wait to speak to her again.

  65. Barbara Shea

    Recently had a reading with Pam … She is spot-on accurate! I having been searching for a long lost relative … Based on info from Pam, I was able to make contact. I owe Pam a world of gratitude!

  66. Cory Lais

    Pam is absolutely amazing! I had a reading with her recently and she was right about everything. She made me feel so much better about my Dad passing and knowing my path in life. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. I already have had 4 of my friends and family make appointments. I will definitely make frequent appointments from now on!

  67. Sharry

    Spot on! She was accurate giving names and situations without any information. I would strongly recommend her to anyone. Look forward to our next session….

  68. Kathleen salvi

    I contacted Pam she got back to me really fast to set up a appointment we meet on Friday she was real friendly this was very emotional for me and she understood …alot of the thing she said I can’t believe she had to be really talking to my loved one I really believe she has this gift and I will deff go back to see her and I’ve already told my family to go see her I’ve been walking around with a lot of pain for the last year I’m really happy I made the desicion to see her it helped alot

  69. Jacquelyn S.

    Met with Pam recently, and it was relieving to find someone who can really communicate with spirits. She was very accurate and confirming. I have her on my thoughts almost daily, my reading was incredibly moving.
    Thank you Pam, I look forward to our next time.

  70. JB

    I just had an impromptu reading from Pam and it was wonderful. She truly has a gift. She was able to tell me very specific things that only my deceased loved one would know. Unlike some psychics who use general terms, Pam is specific, to the point, and blunt. I will ask her to read for me again!

  71. Dawn

    Pam is amazing. Having never had a reading before, she took the time beforehand to explain and say a prayer. She immediately picked up on my grandmother who I was anticipating coming through. She was spot on with my grandmother’s personality. She spoke of many things personally that no one would know. She truly has a gift that she knows how to tap into and bring peace, closure, insight and encouragement to others. Thank You Pam

  72. Shawn

    I met with Pam today and it was a truly amazing experience. She was 100% accurate. It blows my mind the things she was telling me. I recommend Pam to the fullest.

  73. Miramda

    Had a reading with pam.today it went well. She told me about my future and the people in my living situation as of right now. She gave me birthdays and names without any information beforehand. She connected with my gramdmother and told me who to look out for and what i should do to be suscessful from my guridian angels. I would see her again and am very thankful for my visit with her today.

  74. Katie VanPatten

    Pam came to my home and did readings for myself and several friends a few weeks ago. I expected to have doubts but within a few minutes I knew she truly did have a gift. Names and events we spoke of were all very accurate and insightful. I can’t recommend her enough.

  75. Alisa

    I had never previously had a reading, and was looking for an experience. I called Pam and she got me into her schedule quickly, and responded so promptly. When we met for my reading, I was amazed! Pam was incredibly accurate, and made my first experience so positive and enjoyable. I can’t thank her enough, and look forward to meeting with her again in the future.

  76. Dee

    Pam is the real deal. She was great she did a reading for me and my boyfriend. She has an amazing gift. I would highly recommend her.

  77. Jennifer

    Pam gave me a reading today that was spot on. I don’t mean like I had to guess what she was talking about. She knew names, obscure details. She’s the real deal people!

  78. Rebecca

    I met with Pam today for an appointment after googling “psychics near me”, and doing zero research about her. I’ve been to other psychics previously, and my experience with Pam was unlike any other. SHE IS AMAZING! She was spot on with so many things that could not be chalked up to coincidence. Her reading was extremely detailed, which proves she wasn’t making things up that could be relative to any situation. I had been feeling so down for days prior to meeting with her, and during my reading, and immediately after, I felt a sense of peace like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulder. Not only is she spot on with the work she does, she’s a delightful, genuine, and very kind hearted person. I’d recommend her to anyone looking to channel a loved one who has crossed over, or anyone looking for insight into their own life and self. I told my mom and aunt about my reading, and they are so excited to schedule an appointment with her after hearing how accurate she was with my reading. I could have spent hours with her, and I will definitely be scheduling another appointment with her. If you or anyone you know is looking for a psychic medium, trust me that you need not look any further than Pam. I promise you will not be disappointed.
    Pam, thank you for your visit today. You have made me feel better than I’ve felt since my Dad passed, and I can’t thank you enough for that. You are extremely gifted, and an all around great person. I can’t thank you enough for seeing me on such short notice, and for lifting my spirits the way you have.

  79. Julie S

    I contacted Pam because of a few other people that I knew had met with her. When I met her today she was so easy to get comfortable with and eased my mind quickly. The whole experience was enlightening and she was so accurate with so many aspects of my life without me sharing any kind of information with her. She picked up on my energy and could read so many aspects of my life. She picked up very small details that some of my friends don’t even know and gave me a lot of closure with relationships, and an understanding of my spirit guides and the journeys they will be taking me on.

    She even took it to the next step with trying to help me understand how some of these events in my life were actually helping me be guided down the right path. With that kind of attention it really shows just how genuine she is and how much she cares.

    I can’t wait to go again to learn more.

  80. Jean

    I recently scheduled a reading for my daughter and myself; it was our first experience with a psychic/medium. At first we were both skeptical until she started giving us information about people in our lives that had passed, as well as specific locations, that nobody else but us could have known. Pam put us at ease about a lot of things, and provided answers to a lot of questions that were weighing on us for a long time. Pam has a very warm and friendly personality. We are hoping the visions she had concerning my daughter’s future come true; especially the part about her meeting her soulmate, and starting a family, lol!! Overall, it was a truly positive and enlightening experience, and we look forward to another reading!!

  81. Pete

    Absolutely amazing experience. Pam is extremely accurate and precise with her readings. I have seen her twice and both times have been incredible. I look forward to seeing her again. I highly recommend her if you are looking for clarity in your life.

  82. Korinne

    Pam recently came to my home and sat with my bestfriends, myself, my sister, niece and my five year old daughter. The things she was able to channel and validate had us all in awe.

    Pam you are truly a gift and a very kind hearted woman. I thank you so much for coming to my home and helping me get through some mental hurdles I’ve been facing.

    I look forward to seeking you out in the future and Keagans Angel book is already ordered!

    Thank you again!

  83. Dawn

    I was in complete agony over the sudden death of a loved one & contacted Pam. She got back to me immediately & met me that wknd. I’m over a hr away & the drive was beyond worth it. I’d actually drive for 100 hrs just to talk to her. She told me things only my loved one would know, she answered questions she didn’t know I prayed to my loved one about every night & she was so accurate, my jaw kept dropping & tears streamed down my face. I now know for a fact that our loved ones really are with us & with Pam’s help, we can talk to them when we need to. I can’t explain the peace knowing that gives me, but I am so grateful for it. This review is primarly for her amazing medium abilities. But her talent goes way beyond that; She knew alot of things about me that I didn’t tell her, the state of my physical, mental, & emotional health, & a several other things. I’m still blown away by it. Pam can help you with so many aspects of your life, & all of it is in your best interest & for your highest good. Regardless of the countless others who claim to have medium & psychic abilities, they couldn’t hold a candle to Pam. Nobody can. I can’t wait to see her again.

  84. Lindsey Shults

    Pam is such a sweet person with a very special gift. She came to my house and gave my grandfather and I a reading. It was amazing to see how strongly my grandmother came through to her and the messages she was able to give us. The things she talked about were only things my grandmother could have known and there was no way Pam could have known what she did unless she had this special gift. She gave us names, specific locations & details that absolutely blew us away. She was able to write many note pages for us to have when she left. She had shown to us also a white feather her mother sent to her from heaven, which after she left that day, I myself found a red feather in my shirt which I knew had to of been from my grandmother! Proving to me that she really is here with us. And no Pam didn’t place the feather there lol, I was wearing a different shirt when she came and changed into one from my dresser, which is where I had found it later that night. Red cardinals were my Nana’s favorite, which made the red feather prove itself that it was from her. I can’t wait to see her again, it was truly an amazing experience.

  85. Dori Kirkland

    I had a reading with Pam today. As a Christian I was hesitant at first but knowing Pam does not use terrot cards or any other means to connect other than her pure Christian faith through God his Angels and spirit guides. I felt as ease and was able to receive meessages from my family members who passed. I feel that I can heal now and let go of some pain I was holding onto. Pam’s gift is a blessing from God to help us be strong have courage. Be forgiving and the most important thing to love each other. I was able to help my brother as well, through Pam’s message from my Dad. We are both great full to Pam

  86. Michelle

    Pam met with me the same day that I called her. She had very specific information from my loved ones who had passed. She gave me so many things that validated the idea that my loved ones were communicating with her. I’m so glad that I had her come.

  87. Laura

    I received an amazing phone reading from Pam tonight. She was more then accurate with the information she gave me. She gave me insight on my past present and future. Not only that but she fit me into her schedule the same day I contacted her. I have been to several medium/Psychics and she was one of the best! I will absolutely be coming back to her!

  88. Nakia

    I had a wonderful reading with Pam, she was on point and so accurate with everything. My reason for wanting to meet with her was to connect with my son who passed away at the age of 19. I told Pam nothing about who he was what happened to him, literally nothing all she did was hold his picture and tell me how he was murdered even things I didn’t want to hear, about his death but was later confirmed what Pam said by his dad. She mentioned friends that also have passed away that my child knew, that was with hi at my reading she mentioned a good friend that is still alive that I needed to talk to that my son said to do, she even mentioned my dog name who had crossed over to the other world as well, I can go on and on on how accurate she was, Pam gave me so much I needed to hear she is truly blessed and I thank her so much because it allowed me to move on I will recommend her to anyone in this world who is trying to reach out to a loved who has passed over to the other side, five stars all the way for Pam ,thank you Pam!!!

  89. Bonnie Olendorf

    I met with Pam, actually in the middle of a mall!! I was very skeptical and asked her will loved ones come through in an environment like this?? She replied it doesn’t matter where you are. She said she felt good energy coming off of me and began our session , after a bit of meditation she immediately said my husbands name, she asked me if he was on life support because he told her he no longer was on life support and that he knew I was with him when he crossed over. She asked me who Alex was, which really brought my head up as he is our grandson. She told me my husband was glad my daughter Rebecca was with me and that she loves me very much. There are too many things to numerous to list but Pam gave me extreme peace the day I met with her, I now know my husband is with me as he told her to tell me to keep sending messages because he hears me. Thanks you Pam

  90. Danielle Crandall

    I have now had two separate readings with Pam. While I have always been a believer that some people have a gift, meeting with Pam has absolutely solidified this belief.

    In my first meeting with Pam I was amazed by how accurately she was able to read my energy and pick up on exactly what wasn’t happening in my life without me saying a word. She was able to connect with my loved ones that had passed over and she asked them for confirmation and told me things that no one aside from my immediate family would ever know. For example, my grandfather passed away from lung cancer and was breathing through a device before he passed. Immediately when she thought she had connected with him she asked if he was a smoker? She told me he wanted me to know he was in peace now, that he couldn’t breathe on earth.

    I even came to Pam expressing some uncertainty in my current position, she expressed she felt there was going to be organziational changes within my company, at the moment I was unsure. Amazingly enough the following Monday I was pulled into a meeting where my boss announced there would be changes to the reporting structure and some organizational changes happening.

    Pam is completely genuine and accurate. She has brought a sense of calm into my life and helps you envision the bigger picture and gift of life.

  91. Jenn

    I had a reading today and I am over the moon pleased with the outcome. Pam was spot on accurate with my current life situation, & spirits. Pam named 4 very important people in my life and messages about them. I’m not taking about letters i mean FULL names, even a name of my family members unborn child & no one knows that name besides a handful of people! I would 100% go back to get another reading from Pam. She is sweet, genuine & provided a lot of information, messages & closure for me.

  92. Rozey Fane

    I met with Pam for a reading today and must say I was blown away. Not only did she answer all of my questions, she also helped bring things to light that I may have overlooked before. I have guardians who watch over me, more specifically my grandfather and daughter and she picked up on both of them. I can’t wait to meet with her again, she was an absolute pleasure!

  93. Marina

    I have been to a few Mediums before. Pam by far was the most accurate. For the sceptics I do not use social media. Pam is very accurate she only takes your first name for the booking. The things that she knew, no one could have know unless they had her gift. I will be forever grateful to Pam and will definitely see her again. She is an angel on earth, her positivity lights up the room. If you have questions or just want to hear from loved ones that are departed, look no further then Pam. Thank you again Pam <3! I am more grateful then you could ever know, or I could express. God bless you and your gifts!

  94. Jamie

    I just had a reading with Pam. she was sweet and wonderful to talk to. she was able to connect with multiple loved ones who had passed on. without giving any information she was able to know details and names and even draw an outline of a place I had once lived. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

  95. Melissa Rovella

    I recently had a devastating loss and I was in need of communication. I called Pam, unexpectedly, she said she felt my urgency. She was at my home with in an hour and 100% accurate. I was amazed at how she instantly caught his name, and confirmed everything that I could not grasp with this loss. Pam, is amazing! I recommend her to anyone who needs closure and peace. Pam outlined the scene with a drawing that BLEW my mind. I am so thankful for Pam sharing her gift with me. I have a feeling of peace in my heart.

  96. Sharon

    I saw Pam today. I had recently found some personal things out, that I needed some clarification on. As I had hoped, I did receive clarification! I can’t thank her enough for her guidance and help with this. If you are seeking answers…she may be just the person to help you find them!

  97. Dawn Helmedach

    I met with Pam tonight wow she was on point she gave me clarification she gave me insite of things I wasn’t sure of I feel blessed to have had this time with her and I recommend her to anyone that needs answers thank you so much Pam

  98. Lindsey

    I met with Pam in 2018 and she was on point with every name . Her reading was very accurate . She was very genuine and thoughtful in all messages she delivered to me . She told me I would meet a guy named JR and that we would be soulmates and sure enough that has happened . I haven’t seen or spoken to Pam since the last read. I got news my father was going to pass and she reached out to me out of no where and told me she felt I was going through something and she needed to pray for me ! I was blown away . I highly recommend her.

  99. Celeste

    I met with Pam yesterday,Jan 21, 2019, for a reading about some very specific things. She amazed me with the diagrams she drew of where my friend lives, the grave of my late husband, and a hallway in my house, where my late husband wanders. I have felt him there many times, and what she said and drew for me, confirms that my intuition has been correct. The predictions she made about my present situation, and her advice about what I needed to do, gave me great confidence about what my future will hold. I have no doubt that Pam was not only in touch with my late husband and dog, but that, she felt with accuracy, the energy of the person and relationship I asked her about. I recommend Pam for her great intuitive gift.

  100. Sherry

    Met with Pam on Friday, my mind is still spinning from all the personal details that she told me indicating who she was talking to. There is absolutely no way she could have known about them. Giving me such detailes as she saw JELLY BEANS in a CRYSTAL CANDY DISH, to the #11 for his birth month, and mentioning “the railroad” then to continuing on to bring up the exact first letters of the names of those close to me that had crossed over. All were connected to my Dad that has past. Then told me she saw 2 rings and the stones of those 2 rings my mother in law had given to me before she passed. Then gave me the message from her. So much more, I could write a book. If I was ever a skeptic, I definitely am no longer, exact personal information and people came thru. Can’t wait to meet her with her again.

  101. Chris wenk

    Pam did an amazing and accurate job in delivering messages from past loved ones. She was right on point with myself and my wife. I was so surprised and comforted with messages from both my grandfathers ,both my grandmothers,my mother and uncle. Pam even told me details into my loved ones death such as (my grandfather whose death was caused by a deer running into the back of his van and it went off a cliff). I highly recommend her and myself and my wife can’t wait for our next reading.

  102. Corey & Kayla

    A few days ago my fiancé and myself had a reading from Pam. She was very accurate and had no information about us before hand. She’s an amazing woman and I would highly recommend her to anyone. We are still in shock at every message we received. Simply amazing. We will definitely be in contact with her again.

  103. Chrissy Marie

    I had a wonderful reading with Pam. She was accurate and gave details that only I would know. She helped me to get through a difficult situation because of her guidance. I am very grateful and plan to see her again.

  104. Tennille Sprague

    I reached out to Pam on Friday about meeting with her for a reading. I met with Pam this morning and I was so nervous before I got there that I had pits in my stomach as I was afraid of what I may hear. After a few minutes of the reading the pits in my stomach were gone. I found out things today from Pam that made me feel at peace with myself and now know a lot more about the situation. Pam made me feel like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. I haven’t smiled the way I have been since I left her in over a year and I must say it feels very good. Pam is an incredible lady with a very special gift. I will definitely be reaching out to her again. I highly recommend Pam if you want to know things. Thank you so much Pam for helping me today. I will never be able to thank you enough. You have brought me back to be the happy and joyful person I always was. May God be with you and thank you ❤️

  105. Alexandria Nicotera

    My girlfriend and I attended a session today and are still talking about it as I write this at 12:20 at night. Pam called things out that were impossible to know unless you were talking to the spirit the certain situations happened with. I have never been more speechless and taken back by something in my life. My girlfriend had something very specific in her pocket in hopes her grandmother would come through and tell Pam to pull the object out – Pam not only called my girlfriend out on this object but was describing the object to my girlfriend before she even took it out. We will definitely be back soon. Thank you Pam we strongly appreciate everything you did for us today!!

  106. Vicki

    I have seen Pam many times and she has read for my family and friends. She has been on point each time I have seen her. She was at my home and walked into the front door and told me a man was at my home the night before. She told me that his name started with a “M”. She went to sit down and she moved her things because she said a male spirit told her that was his chair. It was where my late husband always sat! She spoke to me about my parents that had passed and even revealed that the baby I miscarried was with my late husband! I had some financial issues that were serious and I asked Pam if it was going to work out. She told me that I needed to hire a lawyer and that once I did “she ” would help me. A few weeks later a friend referred me to this lawyer and my problems were addressed and now no longer an issue. Lastly, she came to my house this weekend, and mentioned my boyfriend’s name “Michael” and told me he was my soul mate and that my mom had said that to her. Stated it was a “match made in heaven”. She used her dousing rids and validated our connection! She told us about the future and the present and sees a marriage in our future. It was amazing! She stated things that neither of us had spoken to one another ever!
    Pam is amazing and she is clear and accurate. She offers opportunity to ask questions. I would recommend her if you just want clarity- especially with those that have passed. I got so much closure from her readings!

  107. Connie

    My daughter contacted Pam for a reading for me for my birthday she met with me and then both of my daughters as well. I have had great loss in my life and at a young age have no grandparents or parents. Pam knew names and things she couldn’t possibly have known. She felt a strong prescence of my mother and others and it was a very comfortable reading. I would highly recommend Pam to anyone! Thank you Pam!

  108. Patricia Dwyer

    We had a recent visit with Pam. There were five of us that had readings done, we were all blown away! She was able to communicate with a very important person to all of us that recently passed away two months ago. We had never met Pam before, she was telling us things she would have no way of knowing. Speaking of people by name that the spirits mention when they come through. The spirit guided { am to draw a picture of our camp. It was spot on! the way that the driveway went, the position of our camp on the land…everything! She had never seen even a picture of the camp. She has amazing abilities to connect with the other side. We all would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a reading with a medium. I also have to mention that she drove to our house, which is over an hour away from her home to do this in the comfort of our home. Anyone who is skeptical or has questions in their mind of someone who has passed, I highly recommend them to have Pam do a reading for them to try to channel the spirit to get closure to your questions or worries. Also to bring you peace of mind.

  109. Jordan F.

    Pam is eminently gifted in the realms of extra-dimensional communication. She accurately assessed the relevant scenarios in my life including the names of people and places connected, with on-paper diagrams of specific items that no one could’ve known without a higher connection. Her gifts are matched by her empathy and wisdom. I highly recommend her!”

  110. Christopher Kugler

    My fiancé got me a private reading for Christmas, which I turned into private readings for myself, mother, sister and fiancé. Pam’s level of accuracy was astounding, she told us things that she would have no way of knowing. The messages from our loved ones brought us some great closure, the hand written notes from the reading is something that we will all cherish forever. We will all be having more reads in the future with pam, I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who wants to connect with their loved ones.

  111. Nesha

    Pam is extremely gifted. She is incredibly nice and tells you everything you need to hear, even if you don’t want to. She was accurate with everything that she told me. She read 3 pictures for me and I was honestly shocked at how much she knew. She opened up a path for me and lifted a huge weight off my shoulder. I would definitely recommend her and will be seeing her again one day. Nothing but love for her!

  112. Trish Barber

    I had a reading with Pam today. She is a wonderful, warm, caring woman. I’m so glad I got to meet her! Pam is so gifted and told me so many things that were spot on. I had an awesome time and I feel so much peace and love all around me thanks to her. I feel like I made a new friend today. I recommend her to all who want to reach out to loves ones, Spirit guides and angels!

  113. Antoine

    Very Genuine and Accurate:

    I met with Pam and she had a warm spirit. I was still skeptical and made sure I did not supply too much detail. When she spoke she mentioned things that only my family would know .. I thought she might be looking for clues but she was consistent with her message and was confident in what she was hearing and feeling. I am going to use her services again.


  114. Anita R.

    Pam is a gifted psychic who clearly sees what is happening in the moment, as well as connecting with loved ones who have passed on. Being an intuitive myself, I could see that she is the real thing. She is deeply caring, and a high vibrational soul. After my session I felt as if I had a little healing in addition to receiving highly accurate information. I would recommend her.

  115. Shyra

    Pam was amazing, my husband has always been a skeptic but after talking with her today I think he was blown away. She channeled my dad who recently passed away. She also knew about our miscarriages and knew one miscarriage was a set of TWINS. No way she could have ever known that. I’m so thankful for all the information she provided. I can rest assure my dad is at peace. Thank you Pam !!!

  116. Laura

    My family did a reading today and Pam was able to talk about specific names and events that related to our questions. Very talented.

  117. Nikki v

    I had a phone reading with Pam today and she is absolutely AMAZING!!! She answered every question I had spot on! She knew things that nobody in my life knew about me such as losing a child years ago! She let me know that my other half has crossed over and is at peace! That was my biggest worry! I would highly recommend her to anyone with unanswered questions! I’ll definitely be seeing her again! Thank you Pam so much I feel so much relief!!

  118. Melissa

    I met with Pam today. I was able to connect with her in less than 24 hours which is is exceptional. I really needed to connect to my loved ones. Pam is so kind and SPOT ON! She named my loved ones by NAME- along with the pet dog name. I left feeling very comfortable and uplifted. She confirmed questions that I had before I asked the questions. I felt very connected.

    Pam is hands down the REAL DEAL and AMAZING. Pam, thank you for helping people like me with your gift.

    The loss of a child to suicide is unbearable to accept – Pam helped me understand that he is at peace and wants us to try to carry on knowing he is safe and with GOD.

  119. Carol

    I recently met Pam while on vacation in Aruba.
    The accuracy of my reading was breath taking.
    Pam’s skill is worth its weight in gold. I highly recommend her.


  120. Leslie

    Our paths crossed at the perfect time. Pams has a wealth of information to share. She did a personal and house reading for me and I really can’t say enough about the interaction, her guidance and amazing clarity.
    Since the reading, I smile more and there is a heaviness that is gone from my self and house. I feel spiritually lighter and much less anxious.
    Thank you!

  121. Caitlin

    I had my first reading with Pam in 2017 at a girls night. I went in excited, and came out speechless. Pam identified my husband’s best friend who was crossed over, whom I had never met. My husband and I knew that we would name our next child after this person. When Pam let me know that she was channeling him, she said “he’s saying the baby will be named after him!” He acknowledged that i spoke to him and that he guided my husband and I together. She was able to mention that my husband and I had reconnected from the past, she knew the layout of our home. She mentioned that the baby would be surrounded by the number 4, and that the number four would have significance. My son was due the fourth day of the fourth month – he was our fourth child. Pam let me know that I would continue on my same career path, but that I would be offered the option of working from home. She mentioned the LAYOUT of my house, and explained each room, and how it would work so well for a home set up with the kids. My son was born in April, and in August I was offered a full-time salaried position and you guessed it- I was working from home. The house was the perfect set-up.
    In 2019 I lost a wonderful friend to overdose. Life got in the way and I hadn’t seen her in some time, but because of our closeness and the time that we shared in our childhood and early adulthood, the pain of losing her was very great. I held an immense amount of guilt because I felt that I somehow could have helped her, SHOULD have been present in her life at that time, even if I could have been just one more person to tell her I loved her. On January 8, 2020, I met with Pam again. While looking at the picture of my friend, she acknowledged right away that she had crossed over, and she was with me. She drew me a landscape of the nature preserve that my friend and I visited frequently – the most special memories I have with this friend. She was correct straight down to the fact that it was a seasonal road and there was a fork to get on to it from the main road. Pam told me that she knew my husband and I had big plans – that we would be taking a big trip – a move. She said that my friend was acknowledging that and told us to move forward with our first intention – to go back to the house on the hill where we belong. That’s what we call our house, and what my friend Always called my parents house while we were growing up. She told me my friend really wanted to get it through to me that she was here, and talked about a bright light shining on me at night that I was putting my hand up to. She said she could see me in my room under the bright light. There is a sky light in my room, and when the moon is full for the last few months, the light floods in directly on my side of our bed. I put my hand up to it to block the light. Pam told me so many things that brought me so much peace, and the biggest messages in my reading were not messages for me. She had messages for the family members of my friend who had passed on, and when i reached out to them, they told me the meaning behind things Pam drew that I did not at the time understand, straight down to a tattoo on the back of one of her family members that matched Pam’s drawing.
    Pam gave me a gift this weekend not just of connecting to my loved one- it was so much larger than that. She helped me realize my own connection to the universe, and a major sense of peace at the question of my own mortality. I am so humbled and blessed to have had this interaction…I will be back to see Pam regularly for guidance. Her presence in our community is truly something that cannot be described.

  122. Mary Moore

    Thank you for meeting with us today ! We all felt very at ease and comfortable with you.We felt like you were right on in what you were telling us. We thank you very much and look forward to meeting with you again !

  123. Sara Alonge

    I saw Pam again a few weeks ago after having some readings with her at the Holistic Institute’s Psychic Fairs several years prior. I was thrilled to have seen her website pop up in Google. I am still amazed by her, as her gifts are just outstanding. I was a bit nervous as I was kind of between several directions that I wanted to go in my life, totally unsure of what to do. She helped me realize my own potential, and now I’m applying to get my Masters of Fine Art. I spoke to my father who died very tragically when I was 3, she relayed information that I did not even know about, such as miscarriages in the family, “He says to ask your mother” and low and behold, facts. She drew out a map of the exact property that we lived on when he died, and even brought up running family jokes about my mom such as, “are you still eating a lot of cereal”. like..??? Pam is the real deal and I can’t wait to go back and focus more on my future and my past lives. I read tarot, do my best to cultivate my intuition and have several crystals and sacred little spaces of my own, and Pam’s office was nothing but peaceful. I cannot wait to go back.

  124. Moe

    I looked up,down,across to find the answers I was looking for. And for a while I was loosing hope but still knew who I was. I to was experiencing the other side and enjoying the learning experience. There was a very special bond with Pam that led me to find my gift. She was spot on with the first reading that we had. And from there I took my Wonderful gift and shined. Then out of nowhere my cousin had a spiritual awakening. I told him I would make arrangements with Pam. She is the kindest wonderful woman I know. And you’ll bond with a finger snap. So we had another reading with both of us. She is so accurate. And I would recommend her to everyone. Thank you so much

  125. Danielle Crandall

    I have seen Pam on a couple occasions and I can say with confidence that she is authentic. The way she can read the situation I am coming to her about (as I am usually coming to her with a current issue in my life in hopes that my loved ones can hide me) is beyond me! She has predicted major changes in my career and relationship that have come to fruition. She has also been able to repeat back tiny details about my crossed over loved ones that just simply no one would know. I also want to say that there is just something about her energy that is so calming and I leave a reading as if I’ve had the most amazing therapy session and 20 pounds off of my shoulders. If you are the in the Capital District there is no need to go elsewhere!

  126. Thoshiba Jourdaim

    I loved my reading it was very refreshing to know that I’m on the right path in my life and Pam gave me more clarity as to how my future will turn out I truly appreciate the fact that she was humble sweet straight to the point and didn’t ask for extra after I will continue to turn to her for guidance if needed I truly truly am thankful for what I did receive in our 30 minute conversation!!! I would recommend her to anyone

  127. JDM

    Pam has been doing my readings for years – I am a lawyer with my own law firm and she has been a sort of business coach for me, doing regular readings every quarter or more. She has also read for me after the passing of loved ones, with issues with our children, and family dynamic questions. I highly recommend Pam as someone to use long term because the readings just get better and better over the years. Today even I was looking at my notes from a reading in 2018. I had a difficult case that I was handling at the time. Pam predicted it ending on a certain date, and it did two years later (just last month). She even predicted the outcome accurately. She also accurately described the personality of the other side and foresaw him taking actions that he actually took. Highly recommend!

  128. Melissa Elliott

    I had a reading by Pam recently and was astounded by her gift. Pam presented several family members who have crossed over by name…with messages from them…she stated the month of the year (namely my birth month) to show that my father was with me…She asked if there was anyone in the teaching profession (my sister) and relayed that my father knew of a situation and was extremely happy and proud that it was in the process of resolution and being back on track. She brought a month that was significant shown to her by my father. She relayed that my father knew that paperwork had been signed (truth) and that all would work out in my family’s favor.She then brought forward information about my personality that were spot on. She knew of recent hardships, and spoke of persons I am unable to name here, but that they would be with me on my journey, She mentioned a past love by name…and stated that I would be finding someone that I have been looking for…and that peace love and light are being sent to me from the other side…She stated my aura was purple…my favorite color since the eighth grade and the color red, for passion, grounding and determination…She also asked about motorcycles and whether I ride…my family members ride including myself…I would recommend her to anyone that is interested in a reading and will certainly be back for more readings myself. I am a very satisfied client…


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