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Local woman posts Missed Connection after meeting man psychic called her soulmate

Psychic Pam made it to the Times Union on October 31, 2017 as she helped a local woman to find her soulmate.

Lorraine, who recently received a reading from Pam confirming all was spot on as the following details below are quoted.:

  • the name David kept popping up (at the time I knew no other David’s for me to date)
  • the initials CD (he works for CDPHP)
  • he has a young son and is divorced
  • They would see each other from across the room at an event in crowded area (they met at a huge school function in the cafeteria)


Introducing Psychic Pam

I have intuitive gifts that have expanded my abilities. I have the ability to assist you with my guidance to address helpful information in all areas of your life. I have spent several years developing my spiritual awareness and I will advise you with any decisions or concerns you have to use your intuition by recognizing your own self-ability to tune into any issues you may be pondering. I will provide you with a brief meditation exercise to enable you to tune into your own ability to think more clearly regarding any issues you may have in question. These are the tools in developing your insight to work for your highest good. Continue reading